Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Swim

We're packing up for swim lessons today. The kids will swim for about 45 minutes and I'm thrilled that I'm able to pick up a Sunday Workout Pass at the gym where they are taking lessons. FABULOUS! I think I'll get some HIIT in!

The kidlets have their flippers, goggles, new swimsuits and confidence boosted, so today should be a great day. I'll post pictures when we get back. I have a feeling this afternoon will be a quiet and relaxing one after they wear themselves out in the pool. I'm going to really love Sundays.

***Updated with Pictures!***

The kids had the BEST time at swim lessons and they cannot wait to go back next week. This is a huge relief for me because #1 I think it needs to be a priority that my children can swim well by this summer. #2 I didn't want them to be afraid of the water #3 I wasn't sure how confident Marissa would be and #4 I was afraid that Christian would be too brave around the water.

Christian is a natural water baby. He could not wait to get into the pool. He seemed more comfortable than most the other children in his class and I did get a little nervous at how enthusiastic he was to get into the water. The instructors kept a close eye on him and I was proud at how well he followed instructions. Here he is learning to tread water; the arm floaties and the flippers helped a lot! He seemed really comfortable and I was happy it was going so well!

Marissa did FANTASTIC. She was probably towards the "older" end of the group, but she may have just been much taller and not that much older. That's not uncommon for her to look much older than her peers. She has always been a little shy/timid when it comes to physical activity, and in previous swim lessons she would never even let go of the instructors. I was SHOCKED when she was swimming laps, pushing the boogie board and treading all on her own. She even swam under water and the instructor said that she was doing very very well! GO MARISSA! I feel super confident that the kids will be ready for the pool and boating this summer.

Here's Marissa:

I'm also learning that I need to have a real camera with me at all times. The iPhone just isn't cutting it when it comes to taking pictures of kids in motion!

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