Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overcoming Temptation

This weekend has been especially challenging when it comes to temptation. Friday night my husband and I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was incredibly difficult to party all night and not that I'm even much of a drinker, it definitely felt hard to not have a single sip of alcohol (not to mention that people aren't as funny as you remember when you're sober LOL!)

On Saturday, we spent the day at Eastport Rockin', an Annapolitan block party with close to 30 bands rockin' out, and once again I found myself in a pickle not being able to find "good food" and beverages that didn't consist of alcohol.

Today, I celebrated another birthday with friends and let's just say that they had the most gorgeous chocolate cake in all the world there for the taking! I seriously felt that I could knock down walls to get to a piece of cake. Inside, my world was spinning out of control, but outside I calmly fed my children this delicious (so it looked) cake. Yes, I held the cake, on a tiny little plate, and carefully fed my children said cake and didn't so much as lick the fork.

So, through this entire weekend, I was constantly surrounded by temptation and it would have been easy to sneak a taste or just let the plan slip, but I've made it SO FAR and I just can't justify it. Blythe said to me on Friday night via text: This is only a very short time in your life. You are healthy and you're on a mission. Keep reminding yourself of that!

She was SO right. After coming home from today's party, I went and indulged in a greek yogurt (yeah, that's my "treat" these days!) Thankfully, I can still have "vanilla" flavored and that seemed to calm my sweet tooth.

I like knowing that I defeated temptation and that I held strong. It doesn't feel good at the time, but I know it feels better than the guilt I would feel later had I given in...

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