Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday's Workout: Chest, Arms and Abs

This is my current Monday workout. I'll be switching things up here in about a week, but this gives you an idea of what I've been doing. I had some specific questions (thanks, Kara!) so I wanted to come back and edit this post and tell you a little more about the workout.

5 minutes cardio warm-up; I usually do this on the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. Lisa and I call this the "bumble bee" because it has yellow feet and handles. A comfortable resistance level that I find challenging but still allows me to get full range of motion is level 7.

Flat Bench Press - Warmup Set - 12-15 reps; I use dumbbells for these. 17.5 lbs in each hand.
Flat Bench Press - 3 Working Sets - 12-15 reps

Bench Flys - 3 Working Set - 12-15 reps; I use 15 lb dumbbells. This is a hard exercise to do for me. It really stretches those chest muscles and I make sure that I don't compromise form just to get a higher weight. I want to get the full stretch and make the most of the exercise.

Bicep Curl - 3 Warmup Sets - 12-15 reps; I used 17.5 lbs in each hand for these as well. The great thing about using the dumbbells for all these exercises is that you're working out in the same general area. You're able to keep the muscles warm and just go from one exercise to the next.

Tricep Extension Machine - 3 Drop Sets - 12-15 reps Triceps are another hard exercise for me. I tend to do lighter weight so that I can really focus on my form and get the full range of motion. For this specific workout, Lisa and I used the cables. I did 30lbs and did as many as I could in each set. My tri's were BURNING! By the last set, I could only do 6 reps.

Incline Dumbbell Curl - 3 Working Set - 12-15 reps; I go back to 15lbs. This is probably my favorite bicep curl. The incline causes the muscles to work just a tad differently. You're going to feel the burn if you do this right. I make sure that my arms get the full range of motion and that I really really focus on that bicep pulling it back up.

Dip Machine - 3 Working Sets - 12-15 reps. I LOVE DIPS. I never thought I would say that! I use the Hoist machine at our gym. I put it at level 5 (i'll have to check the weight on that next time) and I do as many as I can. Again, by the last set, my arms are crying.

Crunches - 3 Working Set - Failure; I don't always just do crunches. Some days, Lisa and I will do bicycles, floor work, use the large ball with the cables. It doesn't really matter. We just try and do about 10 minutes of ab work. If I don't feel the burn the next day...I didn't do enough.

Cardio 20-30 minutes; I like to switch this up. Some days, we'll do the bumble bee, some days the treadmill, others I might row, it just depends on the mood. Sometimes, I'll do 10 minutes on three different machines. The key is just get moving! For today, I walked on the treadmill with my niece Kasey, she sometimes comes up to workout with us. We did 4mph at a 5% incline. It was a very easy day, but we used the time to talk. 30 minutes was over before I even realized it.

Leaving the gym, I felt great. Energized for my day, stress free and satisfied that I had really pushed myself!

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