Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Workout: Legs and Calves

I was solo today. I think every now and then that's ok. I popped my earbuds in and just got lost in the music. My next post will be about my playlists. Good music is a MUST when working out alone!

So for today, this is how it went:

10 minutes cardio warmup- I hit the bumble bee, but I kicked it up to resistance 10. It felt pretty good. Its really important to get those leg muscles warmed up before a good leg workout.

Narrow Stance Squat - Warmup Set - 12-15 reps; since I was solo, I used the squat machine. For my warm-up I did 12 reps at 90lbs.

Narrow Stance Squat - 3 Working Sets ; I wanted to push myself, so I went up to 110lbs. That felt great. I was able to do 10 reps three times. I think when men see women do squats, you earn a little respect in the gym. This morning I was the ONLY female there (awkward) but I held my ground and did my workout with diligence.

Lunges - 3 Working Sets - 12-15 reps; I use 20lbs dumbbells in each hand and do stationary lunges. This really works that booty. You lunge forward and then push back into your stance then alternate legs.

Hamstring Curl - 3 Working Sets - 12-15 reps I did this at 70lbs
Leg Extension - 3 Working Set 12-15 reps again at 70lbs
Calve Machine - 3 Working Sets - 12-15 reps I used the Hoist machine for this and did at 97lbs (where do they come up with these increments!?)

I finished up on my frenemy the stair master. I did 10 minutes at level 10 (whew!) It was a great workout. I kept my heartrate up through out the ENTIRE workout and really pushed it. I'm going to be burning in the legs tomorrow!

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