Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Lesson on Road Trips

"Despair is most often the offspring of ill-preparedness"- Don Williams Jr.

This saying couldn't ring truer when it comes to trying to eat healthy while on a road trip! Something that I've been trying to do for the last several weeks is eat 6 small healthy meals throughout the day. Well, let me just tell you, when you're in the car for 7 hours, spending most of your time on the turnpike and your options are limited...make sure you PACK FOOD! Dining out is hard enough, but try dining out and depending on your exits to provide you with some sort of health conscious food; it's not happening.

We did stop at a Bob Evans in Zanesville (I'm not even sure what state we were in) but surprisingly they had a "Fit and Healthy" menu and I was able to get grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and a plain baked potato. On our car ride home today, we stopped in Hagerstown, MD at an Olive Garden. BIG MISTAKE. Everything was caked in grease. I ate about 5 bites and just knew that my stomach would be hating me if I ate any more.

Next time, I'll be sure and pack some foods to get me through the car ride. I was reading my trainer, Kelly Gonzalez's, website and she gave great suggestions about packing a cooler with snacks. She calls it "Kelly's Kooler"

Some things that I'll be sure to pack in the future would be:

Fresh Fruits/Veggies
Hard Boiled Eggs
Turkey Sandwiches (on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato)
Protein Bars
Bottled Water

I think that this will make it so much easier and I won't find myself scrambling to find something nutritious to eat. It is a shame to work so hard on cleaning up your diet and getting the right foods at the right times only to have your efforts wasted when you find yourself not prepared.

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