Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adding Pilates tonight!

Wish me luck! I have joined a pilates class on Tuesday evenings. Unfortunately, my training days are off schedule this week. I had to take a "mental health" day yesterday, so my day #1 started today, which means I lifted today will again tomorrow. Wednesdays are usually an off day for me, (which is why I opted to take pilates on Tuesday nights so that my body could rest up the following day). However, since this week's schedule has shifted a little, I lifted today, will do the class tonight and then lift again tomorrow. YIKES! Hopefully next week I'll be back on track!

I'll check in later to give an update on the class!


Well, first night of pilates did not start off great. I must have got my times off and I arrived 15 mintues late. Tisk Tisk! Anyone that knows me knows I cannot stand to be late to anything! I must have turned purple with embarrassment when I walked in! Thankfully, I only missed introductions and I was able to join in immediately.

We learned the five basic moves:

The Roll Up
One Leg Circles
Rolling Like a Ball
Double Leg Stretch

I got some great stretching accomplished; learned how to "scoop" and engage my lower abs and lengthen the spine; and also learned some great breathing techniques. We'll see how next week goes!


  1. I did Pilates last week and it was great! I felt it the next day, too. I think I prefer Yoga. I LOVE yoga and I'm one of the more advanced students in the class. :) I guess it's cuz the flexibility from dance. I haven't been to the gym at all this week. Way too much going on. I need a break. Bleh!

  2. I love yoga as well! I was going on Sundays, but I need one day that I don't go to the gym. What's going on with you? You sound so stressed!

  3. Do you prefer yoga or pilates? I find myself leaning towards pilates more and more. I started to skip yoga classes to attend pilates! lol.

  4. For me, its hard to compare pilates and yoga. I use yoga for breathing and meditation; also more stretching and just feeling myself elongate my muscles.

    Pilates is about control of movement and forcing the back and abs (core muscles) to work on stability and stregth.

    I enjoy each for their own separate reasons.