Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Health Tip

"Surround yourself with people and things that remind you to live a healthy lifestyle."

I added a gadget on my page that give daily health tips and I really liked today's. Its so true! When I started working out in July, I had Lisa. I was completely inspired by her. She has a great figure, she works hard and I just love her drive when it comes to setting goals and working to achieve them. It was so wonderful to have that support and to feel a connection with someone who was taking the working out and weight loss just as seriously as I am.

In November, Marty started working out really hard again too. He had just finished doing all the masonry work on a new local gym and I think seeing such a nice and fresh facility really motivated him to get a gym membership (prior to that he worked out in our personal gym). Lisa and I ended up joining the new gym as well and its been a great place for us. It really has everything we need and it feels good to work out in a place that's new and well taken care of.

I will respect my husband's privacy and not blog about too many details, but I will share that he's expressed that a major motivation for him was seeing how focused and commited I was to my own health and fitness. He's always been in good shape, but I think he wanted to push himself as he approached a "big" birthday ;o)

So at home, we share our routines, help each other plan menus, support each other with our diet plans and make sure that we both always have something healthy and good to eat readily available. He's constantly working to organize my playlists, put together workout journals, and emailing me cooking videos. I love that he's so organized; it makes everything so much easier for me!

Lisa and I have parted ways in the gym for the time being. We have different goals and we're working different things. We try and connect for cardio, but I know that for right now our schedules are a little different. Its ok, for short term. I miss her terribly, but like I said we have different goals. The good thing about being "workout buddies" is that we can still support each other even if we're not side by side. We share emails, links to fitness plans/programs, swap meal plans and recipes, etc. We talk A LOT about our goals and what we're working on.

At work, I've even noticed that some of the girls are eating better, asking me what I'm doing in my workouts, my niece even joins me at the gym some mornings, the list goes on and on! People feel supported and encouraged when they share in the desire to have a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is pretty easy, its not always convenient, but its certainly not hard. Feeling supported and surrounding yourself with other people that remind you to be healthy helps keep you on track!

One of the first things my friends in the fitness world told me was to let my family and friends know how much I needed their support as I ventured down this path. I now understand why. It is because of all the people in my life that cheer me on, work with me and show me their own goals I feel like my goals are obtainable.


  1. I have low energy days too. It happens to us all! I do buy frozen veggies and meat and it does help. I just need to plan ahead. I have so much going on in my life right now, it's crazy! I know that having absolutely no sense of organization in this tiny little apartment is driving me insane. By the end of the summer, we should be in a house!!!! Woo hoo! Please pray that it goes through and that we'll be able to get into that house. We've been accepted, but we're waiting on the loan approval again. Once I have a place of my own with space and a backyard to grow veggies, I know my eating will be so much better. In the meantime you inspired me to lift some weights at the gym. I really just want to tone my arms. It seems my arms are fat. Hmm...any pointers?

  2. There are tons of workout routines you can find in magazines that will focus just on your arms. Don't be afraid or dislike lifting weights. Lifting has so many benefits! I used to turn my nose up at lifting also, but I've learned that its something that I really love and enjoy now!

    I'll see if I can find some arm exercises to recommend for you!