Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday's Workout: Back, Shoulders and Abs

10 minutes cardio warmup- I started on on the bumble bee this morning. Resistance 7.

Lat Pulldown - Warmup Set - 12-15 reps; I like to use the cables for this. For today's weight, I did 60lbs.
Lat Pulldown - 3 Working Set - 12-15 reps; by the end, I could only do 7 reps.

Seated Cable Rows - 3 Working Sets - 12-15 reps; I haven't found a good machine for this yet. Lisa and I were a little annoyed that the weights go up in 15lb increments on the cables. I did 60lbs, but only because at 75lbs, I couldn't do even 3 reps.

Barbell Press - Warmup Set - 15-20 reps; today I upped my weights and used 17.5lbs in each hand.
Barbell Press - 3 Working Sets - 15-20 reps; by the end of all the sets, my shoulders were feeling it.

Front Dumbbell Raise - 3 Workings Sets - 15-20 reps; I used 15lbs in each hand and I alternated the raises. I feel by doing that, I'm able to stabalize my body better and really focus on the raise. You have to be very careful to not start swinging though. I really focus on not using momentum, but using the muscles to raise the weight.

Seated Rear Dumbbell Raises- 3 Workings Sets - 15-20 reps; I haven't found a great exercise yet that works those shoulder and back muscles. I find that I can't do much weight with these, only 12.5 lbs. It makes sense, because these aren't really muscles you use a lot.

Ab Leg Raises - 3 Sets - Failure; I'm getting so much better at these. I do ten forward raises and then ten on each side to work those obliques.

Crunches - 3 Working Set - Failure; again, here we might not necessarily do crunches, but we do some sort of floor work to get those abs working!

20-30 minutes Cardio; Lisa and I did a little work on the bike (i'm not a big fan of the bike) I did "fat burn" but I wasn't happy with the speed the machine had me working; then moved to the treadmill for today. We did 4mph at 10% incline. My booty was feeling it!

It was an AWESOME workout!

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  1. Great workout this morning, Lis! I'm already seeing us push harder and gain results!

    Send me the link to My Daily Plate! I'll check it out!