Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Be Fit Test; the Bod Pod

Saturday morning I met Kelly to have the Be Fit Test done, using the Bod Pod The Bod Pod is the same method that they use on the TV show, The Biggest Loser. The test cost me $45 and it took all of 5 minutes and I got the results immediately! It was pain free and very easy! I just sat there in this "egg".

Wow! What an eye opener! You cannot argue with science and/or numbers! I wasn't thrilled to learn how much body fat I had (I will tell you I'm in the healthy range, but no where near ready for my competition!) but at least I have a very clear marker of where I am and how much work I have ahead of me.

I strongly suggest that people find a Bod Pod and have this test done. It tells you your fat mass, fat free mass, body mass, how many calories your body uses to just "live" and how many calories you need to take in based on your activity level. It was helpful for me to see that just because I'm thin, I have a high body fat % relative to my overall body mass! I learned a lot and it gave me motivation to work even harder!


  1. Did you do this locally? I'm thinking I need this reality check! Plus, get the info to really target my weight loss appropriately.

  2. Yes, I went to a gym where he was having it. I'll let you know when and where for next time and maybe you can meet me there! It was amazing!