Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Excuses

After an emotional weekend, I decided to finish out March with NO EXCUSES. I hit the gym hard on Monday and Tuesday, took my rest day on Wednesday and I'm working back, shoulders and calves today! (today's workout should be interesting; we're at the beach and I'm having to workout in our clubhouse gym). I've also decided to go ahead and post a bikini picture. As painful as this is for me, I realize that the entire purpose of this blog is to track my progress. I want to be honest and log every experience, as pleasant or painful as they may be. So here goes...

Monday's and Tuesday's workouts were nothing but business. I increased my weights, did a fourth set and pushed myself to the max! Today, every muscle in my body is tender and tight. I was thankful for my rest day yesterday; my body needed it. I'm looking forward to doing my run on the beach today. The weather is gorgeous and I could use some vitamin D!

The clean eating is still going well, I have no issues with the food; the meals are easy to prepare, they are fresh and I feel great feeding my family healthy! I've added a drink "Xtend", which is meant to help with muscle development and fat burning. I sip on the drink all day. It tastes like grape kool-aid so its not too bad! It helps with digestive health and also decreases muscle soreness.

I wish I could say that I love all my nutritional changes. I no longer use milk with my Whey and Casein. BLAH! I can handle the whey mixed with water, a banana and a Tbsp of almond butter; I literally gag with just water alone. The water makes the drink very runny and almost slimey. I'm experimenting with the volume of water I add to help keep the consistency thicker...we'll see how this goes.

My focus as I enter April is to continue in the mindset of "No Excuses". This is hard, but doesn't that mean that the reward will be even greater? I'm living healthy, working hard and seeing results (they're there! Maybe not as fast I would like, but they're there!)

I also want to thank everyone for the emails, posts, messages and phone calls! Your support means the WORLD to me! I know a lot of people read this who aren't visible followers; just knowing that I have so much support motivates me more than you know! HUGS!


  1. AA, would you mind sharing where you're finding your recipes? I'm always on the hunt for new healthy recipes to try!!

  2. Kara, I come up with most of my own dishes. I do like the Eat Clean Diet cookbook too.

    Tonight I'm baking tilapia, adding a few simple spices and evoo, having a baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli. It's just so easy and not really anything fancy. I'll do a post about recipes if you'd like :)