Friday, April 2, 2010

Biceps, Triceps and Legs!

Today is my favorite day of training. I am always totally pumped afterwards and very much appreciative for the rest day following.

I start out with some leg work using dumbbells:

Dumbbell squats (I have to use straps to hold the dumbbells because the weight is heavy for my small hands) I have a 30lb dumbbell in each and and with them to my side I slowly squat down. I make sure my back is flat, tailbone pushed out and abs tight. I do 10 of these, 4 times, giving myself about 45 sec. of rest between sets.

Next are the Romanian Deadlifts. I love these! I feel this in my hamstrings. I use the barbell or straight bar for these with 65lbs. When using a longer bar, I turn one hand facing me and the other hand facing away when I grip. This keeps the bar balanced and keeps me steady. With knees just slightly bent, back straight and arms extended down towards the toes I reach slightly closer to my toes. Its important to keep form and really feel the stretch in the hamstrings. I find that it helps me keep form if I look up or straight ahead, rather than at my toes. Again, I do ten of these 4 times with 45sec rest in between sets.

Then I move over to the cable machine to work biceps and triceps. I use the rope and do 4 sets of 10 bicep curls at 50lbs and then 4 sts of 10 tricep pushdowns at 40lbs. I really focus on the muscles and keep form. If I find that I'm compromising form and using my back rather than my arms, I lower the weight.

Another bicep exercise I do is with an EZ bar. I can only do 35lbs with this, but it gives me a good burn. Again, I do 10 reps, 4 sets. Its good to have someone there to help you get through the "sticking spot". They don't need to give you much help, they just need to help you get through that "stick" so that you can finish the reps.

Lastly, I do skull crushers. I use a 20lb bar for this. Its not much weight, but after 4 sets of 10, I feel it! I really focus on control here and full range of motion.

I always finish my workouts with 30 minutes of cardio. The goal is to keep my heartrate at 70% max for the solid 30 minutes. Elipitical, treadmill, arc doesn't matter. Just 30 minutes steady cardio and keep that heartrate up!

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