Monday, April 12, 2010

I did it! I did a REAL push up!

I am smiling ear to ear as I type this! My nemesis the PUSH UP, was finally conquered this morning! I've never been able to do a push up. I worry about my form, my arms have always been weak; I avoided push ups like the plague. I can do squats until the cows come home, but a push up makes me feel like a total wimp.

Last month, when I saw that Kelly had me doing push ups (normal ones, incline and decline) I about croaked! How on earth was I going to do that?!?!?! Well, I didn't want to say to her, "I'm sorry, I'm taking this very seriously, but you're going to have to come up with another exercise for me...AA doesn't do push ups..." Yeah, that would go over well. ::: eye roll :::: So obediently, I did the girly push ups right there in front of God and everyone on the gym floor. My face turning ten shades of red from strained effort and sheer embarassment (who wants to openly ADMIT they can't do it?!?!?) But I did it, for over a month.

Today, I was working out solo and its so much harder to work out alone as a woman and not feel like every pair of eyes are on you just ready to critique you or look at you doubtedly (yeah, right, like she's serious about working out) and there in my journal, read "PUSH UPS, 3 sets of 10, wide" Are you serious? I have to do these when I'm alone? Not even a girlfriend to chat with, or do them with or at least someone to offer comfort and support? I was alone. So... I said, "what the hell..." and I got in position, REAL position and slowly lowered myself down to the floor. I did it! HOLY HELL, I DID IT! I did it 10 times!!!!! I did it!!!! 3 sets of 10!!!!!

I believe I smiled the entire remainder of my workout. Today was a beautiful day.


  1. Alice, we're too much alike! I hate pushups too. But, I have pretty strong arms and can do a few. Not 10 in a row in the full out position, but definitely on my knees. Way to go!!

    Also, I'm just like you....I have to end up making money and teaching what my passions are. LOL!

  2. Lolly, too funny! I can do girly push ups no problem. When I finished 30 of the real ones, I just felt amazing. Today, I'm sore as all get out... LOL!