Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We just got home from spending 6 days at our beach home. It was absolutely lovely and we very much enjoyed our time away. I learned that its not so easy to just pick up and workout in a new environment. My workout didn't suffer too much, but I really had to think to make sure that I was getting the right exercises done with the limited equipment at our clubhouse gym. Also, I'm very proud that despite the "holiday getaway" I didn't miss a single workout and I was able to keep to my nutrition plan (for the most part).

We hosted some of my husband's family over the weekend. It was so nice to catch up and relax with everyone, however company usually equals disaster when it comes to nutrition and a strict diet. We didn't want to make anyone feel like we were putting them on a nutrition plan, but at the same time, it was hard to limit temptation! We all know that with the holidays comes lots of food, grazing, big meals while dining out, desserts, etc. Not to mention, our house was inundated with chocolate and the usual spring time treats; peeps, carrot cake, taffy and jelly beans! My husband and I were really open and honest about our health changes and everyone was very supportive! Also, unbeknownst to most of the family, when I did our grocery shopping I opted for "less fat" or "low sodium" foods. I also only used egg whites for our breakfasts; whole wheat wraps, whole wheat pastas, and turkey sausage and bacon. Everyone seemed happy (or perhaps just polite). I hosted dinner on Saturday evening for more of our family and made a huge dinner, but made sure to have a beautiful salad, seafood appetizers, and whole grains where I could. I also reduced the fat in my cooking and limited processed or prepackaged foods.

While dining out, I stuck to my salads with oil and vinegar, but I did allow myself a couple splurges. I did learn that a lot of my favorite restaurants weren't so "favorite" when I struggled to find something healthy to eat. We stopped on the boardwalk one day for burgers and I absolutely indulged, but chose to split one burger with my kids. I was satisfied, but not stuffed. I was completely conscious of everything I ate, but I didn't "miss out" or "withhold" anything either. Who wants to tag along with someone that's constantly saying "oh I can't eat that" or "that's not going to work with my diet"? Lame. So, I enjoyed our weekend, ate a few treats, but also really worked hard to stick to the nutrition plan when I could.

Our family was so enthused about my new endeavor. It felt so good to see people we hadn't seen in a while and the first thing they notice was how much weight I've lost or how healthy I look. I think that since my husband has made such an effort with his own health and fitness, it was twice the reaction since he looks so great as well! I was extremely touched to learn that my husband's cousin and her husband have read this blog! It was so nice to catch up with them and talk about things (especially since she's also a new mom who juggles parenting, working and going to the gym). I'll say it again, but having the support and encouragment from those who mean the most to you is paramount to success of this challenge (any challenge really)! When people understand your goals, cheer you on and take note of your accomplishments, it limits a lot of road blocks or mental hurdles.

I'm ready for Monday. Tomorrow, my new workout routine and nutrition plan for the month of April begins. I can't wait!

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  1. It's cool when I'm around someone who is eating more healthily because it encourages me to choose healthier options. Good for you for making the meals way better for them than they would have normally eaten. I have to say that I indulged today (it being Easter and we celebrated my birthday, too). I had a tiny bit of honey baked ham, some cheesy potatoes, strawberries with dip and then some chocolate cake for dessert. Not the healthiest! However, the other things I ate earlier in the day were very low fat and healthy snacking. :)