Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few Changes and Time to Start Prepping...

Well, after 2 weeks on my new plan, I've continued to lose weight. I spoke with Kelly tonight and she doesn't really want to see me losing any more weight at this point. I'm supposed to be losing fat, but building muscle so I should be maintaining the weight/mass. I've lost about 5lbs in two weeks and I'm not really seeing much muscle definition. Boo.

I'm cutting my cardio down from 5 days to only 2 days (High Intensity Interval Training) and 1 day steady cardio. No more than 20 minutes cardio each day. Kelly wants to work on my nutrition plan too, so I'll see some changes in the next few days for that as well.

This is a current progression picture; overall, I'm happy with how I'm progressing, but I'm hoping with the changes that I see a little more muscle definition/mass and that I can "fill out" a bit more. I also desperately need a tan! (please excuse the black heels; hopefully I will have my clear competition heels for the next set of pictures!)

Currently, I'm on a 1600 calorie fat loss diet and its going really well. I'm still eating 6 meals a day and I'm never hungry. I recognize that I'm fueling my body with the necessary nutrition to feed my muscles but limit fats and sugars. A normal day for me is as follows:

1/2 Oatmeal or Whole Wheat tortilla or English Muffin
4 egg whites scrambled

Post Workout:
Whey Shake with
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

(I alternate my breakfast and post workout meals)

3 oz lean protein
Salad with Oil and Vinegar or
Whole Wheat Tortilla or Sandwich Rounds with lean protein and lettuce, tomato and onion

Protein Bar or Apple and Greek Yogurt


4 oz lean protein; usually grilled. I like a variety of seasonings/spices, salsa and hot sauce
veggies (not starchy); my favorites are steamed broccoli or green beans. I also love spinach salads for dinner.

Late night snack:
Casein Shake (water not milk)

I'm excited to see what kind of changes there will be, but I'm expecting her to just add some healthy fats and a little more carbs.

As I get closer to competition its time to start prepping. I've ordered my competition shoes ( so that I can start practicing walking and posing with them. Kelly will be helping me in the upcoming weeks showing me the proper way to walk and pose (while staying flexed) She said that I will be SORE! When I'm about 10 weeks out, I'll attend group posing classes on Sundays. I hope that working with Kelly before hand at least gives me some confidence and knowledge so that I don't look like a total goober at my first class!

I'm going to go ahead and start shopping for a competition suit , even though I won't order it until I'm about 6-8 weeks out. They have to take my measurements and create the suit for my body so I want to wait until I'm very very close to what I will look like at competition time. I've decided that I want to go with either a purple or blue suit; I think those colors look best on my skin. As I learn more about my competition I'll find out if I need a bikini only or a bikini and a one piece. I'm hoping I only need the bikini because the suits are not cheap!

So that's my update for this week. I've got to keep my motivation up, but I'm having a ton of fun and really loving what I'm doing for myself and my body.

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