Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm still here...

I've been terrible at blogging this summer. With the kids home with me all summer and our traveling to the beach, Kansas (to visit my family) and not really having a "routine", I've gotten out of my routine of working out and blogging. I'm really looking forward to back to school and getting back into my routine of working out. I've put on a few lbs. this summer and I'm definitely missing my "ME" time.

The summer has been peaceful. I've been spending a lot of time with my kids, enjoying their quirky personalities, not rushing anywhere to do a million things and just taking it easy. I guess I can call it a "mental break". I haven't been diligent about working out or eating clean--not that I've been eating bad, but I've definitely relaxed a bit about staying fit. I'm at a very healthy weight and I think I still look pretty good. I've got good muscle definition and I'm by no means anywhere near where I was back in 2009. I'm not ripped nor am I a "skinny minny". I could shed a few lbs, for sure! I'm feeling really good after my break and I'm ready to get back to it! Sorry I've been on hiatus, but I'm back and I've got some big goals and great plans ahead!

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