Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting Close!

So I'm just DAYS away from my competition! I haven't been blogging much...well... because quite honestly, I'm just trying not to think too much right now. I've worked out hard for the last year (really only trained for the competition since February of this year) I've been on a strict nutrition plan for months now; constantly changing it, modifying it to fit my daily/weekly/monthly goals, and I have come to the point where I'm just trying to relax and enjoy these last few steps until the big day.

I've been surrounded by great friends and family and really focusing on the rewards of this journey. My friends and family have expressed how proud they are of me, I feel amazing (aside from the absurd food cravings and low energy I've had these last two weeks) and I'm feeling 100% mentally prepared for this Saturday.

I'm absolutely DONE with the food I've been eating on a daily basis (hence the weird food cravings- I actually want a foot long hot dog loaded with relish, mustard and onions. Nevermind the fact that I intend on indulging myself with a super thick and creamy chocolate milkshake to wash said hotdog down and then I'll end my feast with a ooey-gooey brownie) My sister-in-law, Jessica says, "You'll take one bite and be sick!"

She's probably right. I'm actually not too worried about what my eating habits will be like after this weekend. I'm feeling somewhat prepared. I know that I'll be able to eat whatever I want because now I understand portion control, clean eating and re-setting my body so that I don't store the crap and fat that my body was so used to a year ago... I'm sure I'll blog lots about how my newfound knowledge of food has changed how I want and choose to eat on a daily basis. Blythe and John said that I'll probably always eat like I'm "pre-contest" and just allow myself "treats" knowing that I can easily work it off or "reset" my body. I'll definitely keep you posted on how my nutrition changes in the following weeks.

Tomorrow is when the craziness begins for the show. I'll do my best to document each day what I experience! I can't believe this is really happening!


  1. SOO excited for you AA! You are going to ROCK that competition!!

  2. You would be absolutely green if you ate the hot dog, milkshake and a brownie! I'd stop after the milkshake. ;) I'm so excited for you!