Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life Changes

While on this journey of health and fitness, I have found that all that I'm learning and taking in is not exclusive to my physical look. I'm growing and changing in so many ways. I'm reflecting on my life, evaluating my relationships, cleaning, purging, and reorganizing.

I wish I could say that its been easy, but it hasn't. I'm looking at toxic relationships and situations and cutting them out. Life is too short for drama and turmoil. I look around me and I'm thankful, truly thankful, for the people in my life who are supportive, encouraging, loving and honest. I think if we really look at our lives, we will learn that there really are few people that can be all those things to you. Family is by far the most important thing we have; we need to work hard to invest in those people who love and support you; no matter what.

Blythe and John have spent a lot of time talking to me about how much of this journey is a mental game and they are right! Because I'm learning to organize my time, balance my life and stay strong both physically and emotionally, it is only natural that this will affect all aspects of my life. They tell me that at this point in my life I will be the most organized I will ever be. They are right.

I want to feel good. Just like cleaning out my diet from crap foods, I'm cleaning out my life from crap situations and relationships. Just like working out hard to build muscles, I'm working hard to support and develop the things that bring joy, love and happiness to my life (friends, family, work, etc...)

These are HEALTHY life changes and I really feel that overall I'm changing in a very positive way!


  1. I was just talking about purging yesterday. The crap you don't need in your life. Reevaluating people in your life that brings unnecessary drama in your life that you don't have to deal with. Purging toxic people in your life is easier than done but it's not as hard as you think and when you finally do it - you ask yourself why didn't you do it a long time ago! :)

  2. Bravo AA!! You are growing and changing in so many positive, HEALTHY ways. IMO focusing on your health and wellness never really stops in the gym. It truly does touch every aspect of your life! Thank you for sharing this with us. (And no wonder you are doing so well - you were very organized BEFORE this! Now look!!)