Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21st Progress Pictures

I'm just a little over three weeks out until competition day. My weight has been hovering over a certain point for the last two weeks so let's hope that this next week I'm able to break the plateau and lose that last bit! Overall, I feel pretty good... I feel like if this is the best I can get for now, I'm perfectly happy with that. I'm trying not to stress and just recognize how far I've come along! Its almost time!!!


  1. I'm really starting to see the definition in your legs now!! You look awesome!!

  2. Thanks girls! I need to work on flexing without making scary eyes! LOL!

  3. read your comment, looked back at the pictures and LMAO! Yeah maybe just a bit. Hey do you have to do that really dark orange tan too?

  4. Yeah, I'll have that ridiculous tan, but at least I'll look ridiculous with everyone else :) It washes off in the shower too, so I won't have to worry about looking weird for days afterwards.

    I was just talking to Jessica about how sad I am you WON'T be here. You've been such a huge part of this journey for me! LOVE YA GIRL! (I completely understand though, so not trying to guilt you!)