Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Schedule Time for Rest

In my weight loss challenge group today, I asked the participants to share with me how they rest and relax.  It was not a surprise to get responses like, "rest, what's that?" or "hopefully when I'm asleep."  It's no secret that life is moving and it's moving fast.  There are things to see, places to be, people to meet all.the.time.  I recently had a revelation myself...

I had been STUCK, I was working out HARD and eating CLEAN (100%) and just could not see progress. If you know me in real life, you know I go a million miles an hour 24/7. I am constantly bouncing from one activity to the next; between working full time with my business, being a mother of 2 very outgoing and very active children, running the weight loss groups, managing my home/family...well, I know I'm not alone.  I'm a busy chick.  Most people I know are BUSY BUSY people.  My trainer ORDERED a rest day. I couldn't even walk the neighborhood (she told me that my kids were old enough to walk the dog) and she even threatened to text my husband to tell him I needed a mental health day of rest and relaxation. I've been working with her 4 years...she knows me well.

Well, I took a rest day. It was super low key. It felt GOOOOOOD. It felt so good, that I took another. The next day after those two rest days. I was down 3lbs (that I just could not get through to save my life weeks before!) My body released water weight, I could immediately see a little pump in my arm muscles, and when I went back to the gym I was able to increase weight on all my sets. I had made MORE progress in 2 days of rest than I had in weeks of push push push, go go go.

Not everyone has the luxury of staying home, or being able to just "stop". I certainly tell myself that there are million and 3 things that need to get done and only I can do them and they have to be done right now. Guess what? I'm really not that important in the world. The world will keep turning, things will wait. FORCE YOURSELF TO REST and RELAX. DO IT.  I'm not saying be lazy, but learn to slow down. Learn to let things fall through the cracks and learn to just do what you can, without breaking yourself.

REST is just as important if not MORE important to the whole picture of health, fitness and weight loss than busting your hump every day in the gym, meal planning out the wazzoo, grocery shopping, cleaning house, prepping and planning, etc. Make sure you're allowing time for it.

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