Monday, May 10, 2010

Am I getting stronger or I am pushing myself harder?

Last week when speaking with Blythe and John, they explained to me the importance of working out with a trainer. Having someone there to push you and cheer you on is so valuable when trying to maximize your workouts. They also explained that most people don't really "push" themselves when they are working out alone. Its so much easier to skimp out or do lighter weights and you're not trying to "prove it" to anyone.

This morning for my legs and glutes routine, I decided to push myself as hard as I possibly could. I upped all my weights, went to absolute exhaustion and really focused on making each rep count. I know that I work out so much harder when I work out with someone (especially my husband) but I need to keep that mentality for every single workout.

For today:

160lbs for hack squats
165lbs for leg press
70lbs for romanian deadlifts
115lbs for leg extensions
97 lbs for leg curls
140 lbs for standing calve raises
Level 6 (not sure of lbs) for seated calve press on Hoist Machine

It felt good to go up in weight and I know that each workout I need to push myself just a little bit harder than the last!


  1. 140 lbs for standing calve raises? Okay I must be doing those wrong. Wow!

  2. Summer, how are you doing them? I use a machine where you stand on it and then stand up on your tippy toes and then come back down and really stretch those calves. I put 2 45lbs plates on it and 2 25lbs plates. Its hard, but it really works!!!