Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stepping Out (in heels) of Comfort Zones

Yesterday for a pre-bachelorette party workout, 10 lovely ladies (including my gorgeous niece who is the bride-to-be) survived an hour lesson on Exotic Dance. WOW. It was intense!

I won't post pictures of this post because...well, that's just raunchy. However, I will tell you that all of us are feeling the pain today! That could also be because after the hour class, we did spend the rest of the evening and into the wee hours of the morning on our feet in heels like we were preparing for the remake of "Flash Dance". What a great night!

But back to the exotic dancing class. We did some great dancing with chairs, learned some very difficult floor work and moved our bodies in ways I truly believed should only be seen in the bedroom! It was such a great kick off to the bachelorette party festivites; by the time the class was over, we all felt very comfortable with each other. Bachelorette parties can be nerve racking, especially when you don't all know each other but you're there to support the one person you all have in common...the bride.

My abs are killing me today; along with my inner thighs, buttocks and calves. I attribute all that to the difficult moves we learned in the class. My feet hurt too, but I blame that on the hours spent in 5 inch heels and the dance clubs. :)

Between the swimming and then exotic dancing, this week has been loaded with pushing myself to experience new and challenging workouts. I'm thrilled that I'm feeling it, but I'm looking forward to my traditional weights and HIIT tomorrow morning.


  1. Nice! did you guys just do the chair/floor routine or did you do the pole as well? It's a very great workout!

  2. Just the chair and floor! My abs still hurt! LOL!