Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pay Back

Today my swimming buddy, Pam, met me for a lesson on weight training. We had a blast! I joke that it was "pay back" but truly, I was thrilled that I had someone to work out with. I really pushed myself hard; I always work out harder when I have a partner. She was really a great sport and I could tell that she was nervous and uneasy about her abilities. We were careful and I was sure to start her with little to no weight. I don't know if my body is just reacting from all the new activity I've been doing, or if I'm really pushing myself harder than I have been in the past, but I'm really sore!

Today, we warmed up with lunges. Three sets of ten on each leg. I love that warm-up. It wakes up the whole body and gets your heart rate up. Then we did chest press and chest flies. We also did cardio intervals between sets. Pam was brave and even did squat jacks on a bench with me. Our goal was to do 25, she made it to 15, but that's great that she even tried!

We did a little work on biceps and triceps and then finished strong with abs. I am sore and I know that tomorrow and Friday will be exceptionally painful/stiff for me. Pam has already texted me telling me her ass hurts. Its the lunges...I tell you...they get you EVERY time!

I'm meeting her tomorrow for swimming again. Wish me luck; I may be so sore I drown!

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