Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It has become more and more clear to me just how much I love surrounding myself with people who have the same health and fitness goals as myself. I think like anything, you feel great when you can share a passion or find some commonality with your peers.

I find the many of my conversations revolve around fitness and health. Perhaps people feel comfortable enough around me to talk about it since they've seen my transformation, or maybe they look to me for advice, or maybe I'm just drawn to people who live that lifestyle. Something I've also learned about my friends who share this lifestlye, is that we also lean on each other in regards to insecurities, fears, hurdles, etc.

For example, my friend Pam, we've really pushed each other with swimming and lifting. She is an incredible swimmer, she's fast, strong, and just pierces through the water. Of course it is natural to feel awkward when I'm in the pool with her. I'm flapping wildly in the next lane, holding on to my kick board for dear life and hoping no one noticed how many stops I had to take just to catch my breath. LOL. Pam on the other hand, with lifting, asks questions, slows down, or takes the alternate form (girl push ups) on certain exercises.

We are out of our "individual element" but we know that about each other. We support each other and we know that everyone has to start somewhere. We're working towards the same goal...HEALTH.

I'm doing more and more with people that have this goal. I organized the Biggest Loser Challenge and we even have a facebook page! LOL! Each week we check in and we're just cheering each other on; I'm joining many of my girlfriends to do the Warrior Dash and then run a 10K this summer. My sister-in-law is now cleaning eating and we're talking almost daily about nutrition and meal prep and planning. Of course, then there is Blythe, my mentor, my role model and my trainer! God, how I've missed her! I love her energy, enthusiasm and ability to just kick my ass!

Don't get me wrong, I love all my friends. I'm not just friends with tight bodied health nuts :o)

I'm just saying, friendship is about finding what you have in common with someone and embracing that. Its about the value and comfort that you bring to each other. Your insecurities, self-doubt, stubborn ways...whatever. Its about the ability to be YOU and know that your friends accept you for whatever you are! When it comes to health and fitness goals, it feels good that I have friends that understand that "tick" in me. They know that its about ME and how I see myself. Nothing more, nothing less!

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