Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Biggest Losers Finale!

Yesterday was the final day for the Biggest Losers Challenge that I organized. At the end of the competition, there were only 10 out of the original 20 members left in the running. The top losers lost 16%, 15% and then three people tied for 9% loss! I couldnt' believe that the top losers lost approximately 30lbs each! That is amazing! 30lbs in 12 weeks! That's commitment!

We are having a quick challenge (only 4 weeks long) for the month of April and then we'll start another 12 week challenge on May 2nd. Some didn't want to lose their momentum so that's why we're having the quick challenge. Its addicting when you start losing weight and feeling great, and why shouldn't it be!?!?! These people are making HUGE life changes and are taking control of their health and fitness. I could not be more proud of the group. Collectively, we lost almost 200lbs!

So I feel great that I was able to help others and I can see why my trainer Blythe loves her work. Nothing feels better than to see the people you love and care about achieve success!!! GO TEAM!

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