Monday, April 25, 2011

Lessons in Running

After dinner this evening I decided that since it was such a gorgeous evening out that I would go for a walk/jog. My kids wanted to tag along and that was a great reminder that I wanted to promote healthy habits in our family. So the three of us geared up and headed out.

My kids sort of ran "around" me while I hiked up the road. The would run ahead, walk around, lag behind, etc. I found it quite humorous at their running style and form. Christian ran as if the wind was going to pick him up and carry him away and Marissa sort of trotted (someday she'll learn to put those daddy-long-legs to good use and I have no doubt she'll be fast!). They would say, "race you to the street sign" or "I'll beat you to that tree!" and off they would go, fist pumping, heads back little "toddler tushies" (can I even call them that anymore????) wiggling away.

The two of them only made it about 1/2 a mile before it was time for them to head back to the house. I watched them go down the street back to our driveway and when I knew they were safe with my husband, I finished my walk. I laughed as I thought about the kids. How I wish I could let go and be free of the heavy thoughts and burdens of the adult world. I would love to just laugh and say, "race you to that tree" and that be the extent of my challenges.

So why not change the attitude? Let all my challenges just be mere races to the next tree. Pump my fist, throw my head back, and trot my way to the finish line. I didn't get just some quality time with my kids tonight...I got a lesson in running and a lesson in life.

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