Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surviving the Holidays

We all know that getting through the months of November and December is tough on any diet or workout routine. Our schedules are busy, we're constantly around great (fattening) food and in general they are just very "social" months.

I believe that the key to keeping on track these months is not to "punish" yourself by getting in the mindset that you can't have fun or splurge. You're going to fail. When you feel like you're missing out, you lose motivation.

Just follow these rules:

1. Just have a taste; I would taste something and then think to myself, "is this worth throwing away all my hard work?"
2. Watch your portions; Enjoy those mashed potatoes and gravy, just don't go overboard
3. Limit your alcohol; You can have a glass of wine or cocktail, just keep yourself in check
4. Get rid of the leftovers; Having all that food in the fridge makes it too tempting to snack all day long. Send it home with guests if you can. Ideally, just make enough for the meal and try not to have leftovers.
5. Don't buy all those cute little holiday decorations/gifts that have the candies and such with them; This season, I opted to get decorations and small gifts that didn't have anything to do with sweets. You'd be surprised how many small things you can find that don't have to be sugar filled. When I received gifts that had sweets attached to them, I immediately put the sweets in a bag (maybe sampled one or two) and then got rid of them. Too much temptation to just mindlessly munch.
6. Get to the gym; Don't lose your priorities just because the season is busy. Working out and taking care of your body is NOT something you can push aside.

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