Sunday, February 28, 2010

A February Funk Turns into a Time to Set Some Goals

Let's just say that February was a turning point for me. Maryland was hit with some pretty bad snow storms and between digging our way out, school closings and dealing with power outages, I only found myself in the gym a few days this month. I'm not going to let that get me down though, its good to give our bodies a break, right? I will say that after two weeks of not working out, my body was craving the gym!

The good news is that while having the down time, I was able to re-evaluate my goals and take a hard look at my progress. I'm at 130lbs, although I can fluctuate back up to 135lbs depending on my diet and activity levels, and I'm back in my size 2 clothes! WHOOPEE!!!! I realized, I'm ready to push myself and my fitness level.

My husband, Marty, has always been active. He's in good shape and he's always been very disciplined and motivated when it comes to taking care of his body. After seeing the transformation I had made in just over 6 months, he started to take his fitness even more seriously. Through his own personal research and goals, he introduced me to, more specifically, fitness model Jamie Eason. Wow! She's an inspiration! So after reading her stories, watching her workouts and realizing that working out and pushing my fitness level was becoming a passion of mine...I decided to look into Figure Competing!

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