Saturday, February 27, 2010

Working out...

So Lisa and I started meeting every morning at the gym in late July. I started lifting weights with her, but I would do my cardio in the afternoons and on the weekends with my girlfriend, Heather. So a typical day for me would be 45 minutes strength training with Lisa in the morning M-F and then 3-4 miles in the afternoons with Heather. On Saturday and Sundays, I would meet Heather downtown or at a local park and we would walk/run 3-4 miles. I did this for all of August. I saw great results right away!

I lost 10bls in the month of August and my motivation was up! As we approached September and the start of the school year, I began to worry that the new fall schedule would derail me. My daughter was starting Kindergarten and I would need to be back to work at the preschool full-time.

Lisa and I began planning ahead. She came over to the house one afternoon in late August and we made a schedule for the entire month of September of when we would meet at the gym. Heather and I couldn't do our walking/running in the afternoons anymore, but we continued to meet every Sat and Sun morning.

This worked out beautifully and I was able to keep on track. Lisa and I met again at the end of September and we planned out October. Heather and I continued to meet on the weekends for our walk/runs and it wasn't until the mornings got colder and the sun came up later that we had to call our weekend cardio quits.

I did finish out my outdoor running in October by participating in my daughter's school's Family 5K. I finished first place for my age group; 27 minutes. That was HUGE for me! Already, I was seeing some major progress in my appearance, my endurance and my strength. I was becoming addicted!

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