Sunday, February 28, 2010

Buddies are the Best

I couldn't have made it this far in my journey of health and fitness if I didn't have my workout buddy, Lisa. I mentioned that it had taken me about two weeks to decide to work out with her back in July. The truth is, I'm a little shy. I have trouble opening up to people and I was feeling insecure about getting into the gym since it was uncharted territory for me.

Lisa and I couldn't be more different. I'm competitive by nature and she's a no-nonsense/no-excuses type of girl. I found myself pushing hard to keep my commitments to her. She was strong and steady. She never missed a workout and I found that our personalities actually meshed together very well.

In the beginning, Lisa was a great teacher. She was patient, she showed me the ropes, never laughed when I was doing 5lbs dumbell curls and was there 100% to answer questions and cheer me on. That's important when you're working out with someone. You need to feel comfortable and supported. When we first started, I didn't really want to work out. I felt like I was having to do all this hard work because I was "fat". As we progressed through the months, I looked forward to our time at the gym. It was girl time. We gossiped, vented, encouraged and bonded. Working out was just the tool we used to get together.

So here we are in February and we're still working out together at least 3 days a week, occasionally our schedules get jammed we might miss each other, but for the most part we're consistent. She's a HUGE support as I enter my journey into competing.

Working out with a buddy has tremendous benefits. LOVE YA, LIS!

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