Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Samantha's Story

"On December 19, 2012, my primary care provider told me that I was morbidly obese (not her first or even second time telling me that) and that at the rate I was going I would be on dialysis at 60. She told me you are 33, you can change this for good. At that point, I was facing a 8.1 a1c, elevated blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I got in my car and I called my mom (RN) and read her my test results and said I need to be held accountable. My mom said, "it's a choice." I changed how I eat that day. It was a turning point for me. 12 days later I prepared to go to New Year's Eve service and as I dressed I told the girl in the mirror that I loved her but that clearly she was suicidal (because self-neglect is slowly killing yourself) I was leaving her in 2012 and that when the year struck again I wouldn't be in that century of weight ever again. I made a goal that day that I would lose 55.1 lbs by the time the year struck 2014. Also that night, I got engaged, so some people think this was wedding weight loss, but this is me saving my life. A few weeks later I began my first weight loss challenge (after being referred by the best nurse practitioner on the planet) where I thought I’d get some accountability maybe win some money. I did win but not any money. The challenge was where I learned how to eat better, have confidence in my athletic ability and where I gained the support of some amazing men and women. Prior to that challenge I lost 14 lbs on my own. After that 1st challenge, my total was up to 38 lbs. Since then I have worked hard and my goal got closer faster. I began a second challenge where the weight loss was slower and I struggled to maintain my high because of less gratification but I pressed on and I had off scale victories like shopping in new stores, hiking and kinda jogging outside. As of today, I am 55.3 lbs lighter than I was just under 7 months ago. I was so proud that today at the final day of my second challenge I met what used to be my goal weight. See what I thought was insurmountable is now attainable so in a week I will start my third challenge lighter, wiser, healthier, and with a new goal. Also I will start it with an A1C of 5.9, steady blood pressure, and desirable cholesterol levels. Thank you to people I’ve watched and gained inspiration from the tenacity and weight loss even when they didn’t know I was looking.  Thank you to those who pushed me and even some who pissed me off and were so tough on me that I cried, but you knew I could do it when I didn’t.  You have helped save my life. Thank you to my amazing fiancĂ© who cooks almost every meal for me on Sunday evenings so I have no reason to eat the wrong thing and who loves me so well that I couldn’t help but be better."

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