Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update on New Year's Resolutions

Since it is now February, I thought I would check in and update how things are going with my New Year's resolutions. If you read both my blogs, I apologize for any repeat information; I won't mention too much about my "general life" resolutions and try to stick to my "fitness" related goals.

#1 Creative Cooking

This is going very very well! I am clean eating about 85% of the time and I've done a lot of research (online, cookbooks, iPhone Apps) on new clean eating recipes. I've been very adventurous with vegetables, spices, seafood and I'm doing a lot more cooking that I've ever done before. I've always loved to cook, but cooking fresh whole foods is SO much different! I feel absolutely no guilt, I'm proud and happy when my family is eating because I know that good things are going in their bodies. I feel empowered; I don't worry about what I'm putting in our food, I don't think about hormones, perservatives, or additives. I just feel like I'm doing the absolute best thing for my family's health.

I bought a new multi-pot ; I use it mostly for steaming various vegetables and seafood; it has made cooking so much easier! I've been loving my edamame, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, shrimp, mussels...oh the list goes on and on! I have no idea why it has taken me so long to make this purchase. I can't imagine cooking dinner without it now!

#2 Blog More

I feel like I'm keeping up with the blog. This is a much easier blog to work on. I feel like I could talk about health, food, and exercise I just love it so much and I'm learning every day and I cannot wait to get on here and share with everyone.

#3 Get My Kids Active

This is going pretty well. We've done indoor gyms, ice-skating, bowling, swimming and they have been playing more outside (despite all the snow). I think when the weather gets nicer we'll be able to really get moving outdoors! My daughter will continue with lacrosse this spring and I'm hoping my son can get involved in soccer soon. I think he doesn't quite make the age cutoff, but hopefully I can find a peewee level or beginners group.

I should probably do an update on my Biggest Losers Challenger that I've organized for about 20 people. Its going ok. We haven't had any real significant weight loss, most of us have stayed the same (why is it that I worked so diligently to lose 50lbs, but I can't lose this last 5?????) We're only in week #3, so I'm hoping we kick it up a knotch soon!

Overall, I think 2011 is right on track and I'm sticking to my goals. I'm completely happy with my lifestyle and I feel fan-freaking-tastic! February is going to be a month of hard workouts, more clean-eating and lots of prep for spring; its time to start planning all the awesome things we can do as soon as the weather cooperates :)

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