Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ok, so I've got to stop obsessing! Since the competition, it has been really hard for me to keep up my motivation. I'm not sure what has changed. Perhaps I just got sucked back into life and all the bullshit excuses people make to over eat and not workout. Who knows. I had a major reality check this week though when my clothes were too tight and I was experiencing extremely low energy. I think my hormones are all out whack and I'm just not feeling like myself.

While on vacation, it was extremely hard to clean eat. I missed it terribly and today when I started my meal planning and cooking, I hit the ground RUNNING! I bought great veggies and meats, got out my favorite tried and true recipes and prepped for the weekend/week. I'm super excited about the meals and really looking forward to just diving back in. I will NOT struggle with my weight. Period. Now that I know how great I feel when I'm healthy and taking care of myself, I really really feel like shit when I let myself go. Its not a good feeling and I will NOT allow myself to go there.

Today, I had an AWESOME HIIT session while the kids rode bikes around me outside, I'm roasting a chicken and packing lots of snacks and healthy go to items for my busy weekend. I'm frustrated in myself for not keeping up with my health goals, but today is a new day and I'm not going to obsess.

No time for excuses, NOW is the time for results!

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