Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Moving Meditation"

I put the title of this post in quotations because it was a statement that my first trainer, Kelly Gonzalez used to explain what exercise was to her. I didn't quite understand her then, but since I've been working out alone it makes total sense to me and now, I can't imagine not having that time to myself. Now, I crave it. I devote that time to myself; to be alone in my thoughts, wrapped up in good music and the only thing that is in need of my attention is making decisions about how much weight and how many reps I can push myself to pick up and pump out.

My husband told me a couple months ago after he had missed several weeks of working out due to an injury, that what he really missed was his music. How funny! You can listen to music anytime, right? I think his point was that he missed turning the world off and just allowing himself to turn into his thoughts and the music while he worked his body and blew off steam from the day.

I get it! I find myself getting so pumped up as I turn into the parking garage of our gym. I thinking, "is today a rock day, or am I going for club mix...perhaps its going to be a eighties day ..." I pop my earbuds in and the world melts away. I'm no longer Alice Anne, mom, wife, boss, daughter, educator (pick a hat, any hat) I'm muscle, sweat, callused hands, heart pumping, skin burning, thoughts running "push hard, push harder, YOU CAN DO THIS!"

Thanks, Kelly, for explaining exercise in such a beautiful way! "Moving Meditation" I release myself of my thoughts, I concentrate on my body, my soul and my spirit. I find strength within and I push myself to break my own limits. No wonder I feel so much better when I exercise regularly!

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