Saturday, September 25, 2010

Building your Immune System

After taking a month off of working out and clean eating, I found myself extremely sick. I've had walking pneumonia and it has NOT been fun at all. My first week back on track and I didn't even make it the full week before I found myself, coughing, wheezing, unable to breathe and curled up in bed.

The first thing my husband says to me is, "its because you haven't been working out. You've been stressed out and not taking the time to take care of your body." When I talked to, Blythe, she said the same thing!

I started doing research on how exercise affects our immune systems and of course there was no surprise how much exercise helps build our immune system and keep us healthy! It really is a cycle: exercise reduces stress, which stregthens the immune system, which helps keep us strong and energized to exercise and build muscle! Not exercising, reduces the ability to release stress, which then weakens the immune system, therefore allowing illnesses and disease to weaken the body and make it difficult to find energy to exercise.

So now that I'm feeling much better, I'm back to my routine. I don't like the way I feel when I'm not on a schedule with exercise and nutrition.

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