Friday, April 11, 2014

Slow and Steady

I wanted to share this from one of our fitness/weightloss challengers. She's never won the cash prize, as she has inched her way along over the years. I affectionately call her my turtle. I'm very very proud of her!

"I have lost 29 lbs. I was hoping to hit 30 this week! Next week.
My high point (weight wise) was in Aug 2012 which was my first full challenge that I participated in. I just measured yesterday and am down 18 inches since then (5 in my belly!). I have gone from a size 16 to a size... 10 (regulars- not relaxed fit!!). Whoo whoo! I haven't really haven't gained in MONTHS.
It took 3 challenges before the weight started to really drop. I lost less than 5 lbs the first two challenges and was frustrated. The group kept me positive and encouraged changes and gave me ideas. I made MAJOR changes in challenge 1 and 2. Although, I think my body did NOT believe me. PLUS challenge 3 is where you gave me the big speech/challenge/smack-down regarding the 3 egg white veggie omelet for breakfast. That added to my other changes turned the corner.
During challenge 1 and 2:
- I stopped eating out (4-7 times week and started cooking MOST meals at home)
- I stopped eating after 7:30 or 8 p.m.
- I gave up soda (as a computer programmer, I was drinking 8-10 cans of diet soda per day- this was my biggest/hardest thing to give up!)
- I started to pack my lunch everyday even if I wasn't leaving the house. I take my lunch in the car if I run errand so that I don't get caught out needing to eat without having my healthy choice handy.
- I try to eat a 3 egg white omelet with veggies and turk sausage.
Again, it took until challenge 3 for my body to believe it wasn't just a "phase." ha! ha! I am your turtle and it is working-- slowly. When times get tough, the group keeps me focused. I flip flop back and forth between being a super active poster in the group and just reading with my hand barely on base, but it works! I want to lose 20-25 more lbs. I will keep plugging along."

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Keep working, girl! You got this!

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