Saturday, March 15, 2014

Moving With Purpose

The other morning while standing in the check out lane at the grocery store, I painfully watched as the cashier clumsily went through my belongings.  She struggled to get them scanned, carelessly tossed them past the conveyor bellt and haphazardly man-handled my items.  To me, it seemed her mind was elsewhere and she was just "going through the motions" hardly giving thought to the job that was before her.  

Several weeks ago, Blythe posted a discussion in our challenge group about going through the motions and how we really needed to focus on what we are doing during out workouts; making each movement deliberate and putting forth the energy to make change.  As I watched this woman who seemed to be light years away from being a cashier, it struck me that Blythe's lesson went way beyond the correlation of movement in exercise and really had to do with the greater picture of how we each go through life!

Something I've always said is that we need to "move with purpose".  We get up every moment with a purpose for the day.  We have goals, aspirations, "to do lists" and meaning to our day.  If we don't...then what do we expect to happen?  Are you someone that waits for your life to happen to you?  Are you waiting for life to fall into place?  Do you really expect that life will get better or that you'll magically fall into the right path that leads you to success?  Things don't just happen!  YOU HAVE TO PLAN AND PREP!  There's no such thing as luck, only prior proper planning meeting opportunity.  Do you really think you'll wake up one day and say, "wow, I finally dropped 10lbs!"  or  be walking down the street and pick up a winning lottery ticket that will change your life?  Life just doesn't work that way.  You must work for what you want; anything worth having takes work and if it sounds too easy to be true, chances are it isn't true.  

Too often I see people floating through life like a plastic bag, yet always wondering why they aren't getting to where they want to be.  I'm not someone that allows life to happen to me, I go out and live the life I want and work hard to achieve what I believe my purpose should be for myself.  I don't expect anything to be easy and I do not belive I can be made a victim of circumstances unless I give up that control.  That's not to say that I never have a bad day, but there's a difference between having a bad day and a bad life.  Do you feel that you can never get on track?  Do you feel that you're a victim of circumstances?  Do you feel like you're out of control and can't collect the reigns of your own path?  Look deeper within yourself.  Are you working as hard as you can?  Are you listening to your own excuses and setting up your own road blocks?  Are you just a cashier tossing things across a conveyer belt waiting for life to shake you awake?  Whatever you answer, where ever you are in life, really reflect upon yourself and make the commitment to stop going through the motions and take control of who you are and who you want to be!

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